Thu 08 December 2016


Getting started with provenance

Where to start if you are interested in learning about provenance? tracking provenance in your application? or just playing with some provenance data?

This post aims to list all the tools, software, and materials that I know about to everyone find what they need.


Provenance concepts

PROV is the current standard for provenance (by the World Wide Web Consortium). I recommend looking at the document roadmap in PROV-OVERVIEW first to see what it comprises and what document to read next.

You might also find the book Provenance: An Introduction to PROV by Luc Moreau and Paul Groth, who chaired the standardisation of PROV, useful.


Working with PROV in

Other provenance libraries:

Software & Web Applications

  • ProvStore: a free public repository for provenance documents (REST API available).
  • ProvValidator: a validator to check if your provenance is valid (against PROV-CONSTRAINTS)
  • ProvTranslator: an online translator that converts your provenance into a PROV serialisations or SVG graphical format.
  • provconvert: a command-line tool provided by ProvToolbox, which provides a convenient way to convert provenance data on your machine. It supports all PROV serialisations and various graphical outputs (e.g. SVG, PDF).
  • PROV-N Editor: an online editor for PROV-N with syntax highlighting if you want to write down some PROV-N statements quickly.

Provenance Data

You can also generate synthetic provenance data using the -generator option provided by the provconvert utility that comes with ProvToolbox (see above).

What have I missed?

Do let me know by dropping me a message below.

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