Thu 20 October 2016


PROV Python 1.5.0 Released!

I am pleased to announce that, after over a year since Prov Python 1.4.0, a new version of PROV Python library, version 1.5.0, is now available from PyPI. Thanks to the significant contribution by Satrajit Ghosh, the library now supports RDF output and input (following the PROV ontology PROV-O). This new serialisation is backed by rdflib and, hence, allows you to read/write PROV from/to all the representation supported by the library, such as Turtle, TriG (for PROV document with bundles), JSON-LD, etc.

In addition to the usual bug fixes and minor improvements, some other changes are:

  • A direction parameter can now be specified when generating PNG, PDF, SVG, etc. with prov_to_dot.
  • Once a PROV document is converted to a NetworkX graph, you can convert the graph back to a PROV document with graph_to_prov (say after some graph manipulations).
  • PROV Python library is now tested with Python 3.5.

Do you use ProvPy?

It is a nice surprise to learn that the PROV Python library is redistributed on Conda Forge (as I am not an Anaconda user). If you are using the library in your software, I would love to hear about it! Please tweet it using the hashtag #ProvPy.

As always, I would love to hear about any issue or feedback you might have, especially after a significant release of the library. Please report them to the library's issue tracker. Many thanks!

Getting started

If you are new to ProvPy or PROV, look at the tutorial here to see it in action. Go next to the library's documentation to learn more.

You can also find lots of publicly shared provenance documents available on ProvStore.

If you prefer a Java-based solution, get ProvToolbox by Luc Moreau.

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